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Coverall Econ

ECON offers you reliable protection against dust and is often taken as a visitor coverall.

Due to its very breathable fabric, it gives the user a very high wearing comfort.

In addition...

Coverall ProChem® III CPM

Our ProChem® III CPM coverall offers maximum wearing comfort and longest working times. It is powered by an air respirator.

The resulting benefits include: the fan is placed under the coverall and will therefore not be contaminated. A constant flow of air to the hood ensures pleasant wearing comfort. No misting of the visor. Extremely wide viewing angle, with a clear view even upwards. Excess air is directed outwards via outlet valves. G 26-free: respiratory resistance < 0.4 bar. Coverall weight of the coverall with integrated boot socks or overshoes + air respirator and filter < 5 kg. There is no need to wear a mask in the coverall. Easy and quick to use, install and put on. A wearing time of up to around 6 hours is possible (*). Supports multiple air respirator types (**).

If you wear ProChem® III made out of CPM you are protected against solid hazardous substances (particles, fibres and dusts, as well as radioactively loaded particles), various inorganic chemicals (please request a list of the penetration times) and pathogens (bacteria, viruses, etc.).



Application samples:

Fire departments (ABC department, decontamination) Pharmaceutical industry (drug manufacturing), medical Staff (care of persons who are ill with Ebola, malaria etc.), Pest control (also crime scene cleaning, ...)


- Elasticated wrists, ankles and waist
- Double, stick-on decorative cover
- Horizontal front entry
- Generously cut crotch area
- Elasticated thumb loop

Additional options:

The following additional options, which are attached and fully sealed to the model, are available:

01) With the options A: Boot socks; B: boot fl ap or H: non-slip soles (Antistatic); H1: non-slip soles (Antistatic, for EX areas) 02) With the options F: chemical protection gloves (Nitrile, Butyl, Neopren, Viton, fi lm laminate) or our glove adapter and a pair of the glove material aforementioned.




yellow, Blue


TYP 3B EN 14605
TYP 5 EN ISO 13982-1
Biological barrier EN 14126
Antistatic EN 1149-5
Against radioactive contamination EN 1073-2*

Art. No.:


Basis weight:

PC - III - CPM - 02 M 95 g/m2
PC - III - CPM - 03 L 95 g/m2
PC - III - CPM - 04 XL 95 g/m2
PC - III - CPM - 05 XXL 95 g/m2
PC - III - CPM - 06 XXXL 95 g/m2


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